Mother of God

Each year on the Sunday closest to August 15th I get to preach a sermon about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Now, that may seem just fine to some and strange to others. Most Lutherans have never concerned themselves very much with Mary, just like most of Protestant Christianity. I will admit that for most … Continue reading

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Pentecost 5A July 13 2014 Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 This week marked the announcement of the nominations for The Emmy awards. Putting aside the bizarre practice of giving out awards for entertainment, I always find the Emmys and the Oscars very interesting because they are ultimately about stories. Some of the stories at the top are … Continue reading

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Peter, Paul, And A Cameo Appearance From Mary

John 21:15-19  Peter and Paul, Apostles Today is a festival Sunday that I have never had the privilege of preaching. Peter and Paul, Apostles. On this Sunday we take time to look at these two great fathers of the faith and consider something about God based upon them. In a sense we get to look … Continue reading

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Bear the Cross

Pentecost 2A    Matthew 10:24-39 Some of you may have been in my office and seen the little row of crosses hanging on my wall. These are all the crosses I wear in worship. Several of them have sentimental importance to me: a crucifix the Pattersons brought to me from the Vatican, a simple wooden cross … Continue reading

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cross bonnie

Well, That Was Unexpected

Pentecost Sunday Numbers 11:24-30  Acts 2:1-21  John 20:19-23 It is Pentecost Sunday! Everywhere you look, you can see red and doves. Red paraments, doves in the air, all symbols of the Holy Spirit. This is when we celebrate the birth of the church—the event that is described in our reading from Acts. Today is a … Continue reading

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