When You Pass Through The Waters

Baptism of Our Lord Year C Isaiah 43:1-7 Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 One of the interesting things I noticed when I became a Lutheran some years ago was the amount of time people spent talking about baptism. ‘Remember your baptism’ was a phrase unfamiliar to me but commonly on the lips of the Lutheran pastors I…

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Matthias Grunewald

The Witness

Christmas 2C          John 1:1-18 In the beginning…that wonderful ‘once upon a time’ sounding phrase from God. Makes us think that we are going to get to hear a great story! We hear In the Beginning and we think of that primeval time when God created land and sea and sun and…

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And so on and so on….

Christmas 2C   Luke 2:41-52, Matthew 1:1-17 Perhaps the single most boring part of the gospels is the ancestry list in the first chapter of Matthew. The only challenger to this title of Most Boring might be the first few verses of Luke which recite nearly the exact same thing once again. At least Matthew did…

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Revolutionary Singing

Luke 1:39-56 Central America is an area known for its political upheaval and turmoil. Our mental picture of this region probably contains dictators and civil war, guerrilla warfare and drug trafficking. One of the other hallmarks of life in Central America is the wide gulf that exists between the rich and the poor. During the…

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The Heart of Stone

Ezekiel 36:26 O Dawn of the east, O Bright Morning Star, Splendor of light eternal and sun of righteousness: Come and enlighten those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death For several years I have read the much loved Dr Seuss story about the Christmas hating Grinch as the Christmas Eve sermon. While this…

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Charlie Brown Christmas

Luke 2:8-14   Isaiah 53:1-5 O Root of Jesse, standing as a sign among the peoples; before you kings will shut their mouths, to you the nations will make their prayer: Come and deliver us, and delay no longer. Christmas time is here/ Happiness and cheer/ Fun for all that children call/ Their favorite time of…

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The Inception of Advent

Advent 2C 2015    Malachi 3:1-4   Luke 3:1-6 Have you ever had one of those nights when you couldn’t sleep and you are sitting in front of your television, channel surfing, sort of mindlessly or at least unconsciously, in search of something to watch? In search of something to fill the void? I would imagine…

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