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King of the Universe

Christ the King Sunday Year A   Matthew 25:31-46 Baruch ata adoni elohenu, melek ha olam. Blessed are you o Lord our God, King of the Universe. Let us rejoice this day, for today is Christ the King Sunday. It is the day when we celebrate and commemorate the one true king, the king of the…

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We End Where We Begin

Each year on the Sunday before Christ the King, I preach a sermon that incorporates the changing seasons and the changing church seasons. It is based on a poem (probably too long) I wrote some years ago and continue to refine. In its fullest form, it can be found here. In late November every year, I…

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Those Silly Bridesmaids

A note on this sermon: I owe a debt of gratitude to this sermon here by David R Henson because I shamelessly used portions of it in the beginning of my sermon to put into words my struggle with this text. His is probably far superior to mine anyway and it is worth more of…

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Poor Spirits

All Saints Matthew 5:1-12 Ever wish you could have heard Jesus preach in person? That would have been an amazing thing to hear, wouldn’t it? Wonder what he would have sounded like. Would he have spoken loudly, passionately, softly; would you have to strain to hear him or would he have shouted so people could…

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Reformation Sunday

Reformation Sunday Romans 3:19-28  John 8:31-36 Reformation Sunday is a time when we re-learn the story of Martin Luther and his struggle to reform the church, an undertaking that lead to Protestantism and….well…us. We hear again the stories of those who sought to refocus the church and return the center to Jesus and the gracious…

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Give The Devil His Due

Pentecost 19A  Matthew 22:15-22 Several years ago, when I was still in seminary, I was serving as an on call chaplain at the hospital in Columbia, SC and at around 11pm I received a page to go to the psychiatric ward. The interesting thing about most of my experiences with people on that floor was…

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Today, I made history. Kinda by accident. Funny thing about making history: it never happens when you’re in your best dress. I guess it does for some people. The big people making big history every day. They know it’s coming. The rest of us don’t really. History sneaks up on you and there you are…

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