Meditation on the 23rd Psalm, verse 5

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

In the very face of our enemies, God prepares for us a feast. Who are our enemies? Pain, loss, fear. Worldliness, resentment, anger. Failure, abandonment, illness. Death. And yet, our God looks in the faces of these, our enemies and says to us: Rejoice! For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of My People, and YOU are my beloved child. I brought you out of slavery to these things. I brought you through the troubled waters and oceans of tears. I brought you through death into life and now I, the King of the Universe, prepare for you a banquet. I have defeated your enemies and claimed you as my own child. I have bound up the broken hearted. I wipe away every tear from your eyes and I make all things new!
Our heads are anointed with oil as kings and queens of old. The enemy of death which gave us crowns of ashes has been turned to dust and we walk instead, crowned with Christ’s goodness, in the Kingdom of Heaven. We sit at the great banquet prepared for us, not merely with adequate food, not merely with earthly food, but with cups running over with living water. The banquet table is overflowing with all goodness. And who sits at the head of this table but Christ himself—our champion, our king, Our Savior.
There are sunless valleys to walk through, dark with death and pain, but we are all called to this banquet where Our Savior sees this darkness as bright as day. Here, with him, there is no more sadness or pain, no more hunger or thirst and no more death, for this is the feast of victory for our God.

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