Healing Service
Psalm 139:1-6,11-14
Mark 5:21-24,35-42

Talitha cum! Little girl get up! Jesus enters the house of Jairus—a man who has come to beg him to heal his dying child. But by the time they have arrived at the home, she is dead. Yet, Jesus tells Jairus not to fear because his little girl is only sleeping. Do not fear, only believe.

Jesus takes the little girl’s hand and says simple words to her. Something that she might have even heard her mother say to her each morning: get up little girl! Get up! And she does—she gets up and walks around. The child was alive and well!

That’s the interesting thing with Jesus—when he heals, he does so in such a personal way and in such an ordinary way. I cannot recall a single passage in scripture that has Jesus healing someone or casting out a demon by using bolts of lightning or some other earthshaking display. Most often, in fact, it is with simple and intimate words like—get up little girl, or, pick up your mat and go, or, your sins are forgiven, or, your faith has made you well. There is often touch—as we see in today’s story, where he takes Jairus’ daughter by the hand. There is no great orchestral crescendo here. There are no extreme or dramatic extras added. Just the touch of Jesus and simple words—common words that even her mother might use. Get up little child, get up.

He uses simple, common things with us, too. Bread and wine. Everyday things we can get at the grocery store—things we likely have at home right now. With Jesus simple words—do this to remember me—we do simple, common things—drink and eat. With simple prayers and anointing with oil, we are told, do not fear, only believe. It is in this simple and personal way that Jesus comes to us and heals us. Get up Child of God! Get up!

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