Women and Their Clerics: I know it’s hot but….

Ok, I’m only going to say it one time so I can get it out of my system.

You see this? 

This is a sleeveless cleric. It is a lovely garment to wear under jackets or light sweaters or whatever else is suitable to your setting and climate. It certainly makes life a whole lot more comfortable in the spring and summer, especially in the south and especially under multiple layers of silks, linens or cottons for worship.  It is, in my opinion, a useful and professional garment.

However, it should not, Not, and I say it again, NOT be worn by itself. I do not care what the website says about what it is for. It should not be worn by itself. Period. Ever. No exception whatsoever. I know that the model pictured is sitting in front of a stained glass window with a cross and holding what appears to be a bible, but that does not mean you should actually do that! For heaven’s sake! There’s also a picture of a woman dressed in a white full length clergy slip on this same site as well and I am doubtful that anyone would think that they should go prancing around like THAT all day!  At least I certainly hope not anyway.

So if you have one of these garments, as I do, then the next time you have the urge to NOT put on a jacket, sweater, shrug or at least a shawl, assuming that you’ll still appear as professional as you would otherwise or that you couldn’t possibly compromise the authority of the office by this simple garment then think of this:

It is a man’s sleeveless t-shirt. It is just fine for the gym or working in the yard or any other sporting or casual activity at home. Would you ever see a man in a professional position wear it to the office? How would a doctor or a lawyer be received in any professional setting wearing this garment?

Would you ever see a male pastor wear this to the church or on a hospital visit or in worship assuming it was professional attire and not an emergency which required him to run off the field from coaching his kid’s soccer team?

I don’t think so.

Ok, Rant Over.

One thought on “Women and Their Clerics: I know it’s hot but….

  1. Well, yes I wholeheartedly agree with you; but no, there are times when it may be ok. I got my first sleeveless clerical shirts about a month ago — only about two years too late! The heat index here over the last couple of weeks has topped 105 degrees — and Sundays didn’t merit an exemption. So, yes, I never headed out without a jacket. But in the midst of a meeting or class I felt free to take my jacket off, sleeveless arms notwithstanding. Now, if I had been wearing a “Janie”, that would have been another matter!

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