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Called Magazine. Just received my first copy of this magazine this week. It’s not bad, actually. Designed for women in professional ministry….that’s pastors as well as any other professional vocation in the church.  I thought it was worth a look. It seems to be a Southern Living for Pastors kind of thing which I’ve never seen before. There’s the woman’s mag staples of vacationing, marriage & family, cooking and fashion, all of which have an interesting, genuine eye toward what is appropriate and practical attire for a pastor or other church professional in her every day work week . Not bad at all, really. An example is the article on scarves/shawls. They feature lovely (and not outlandishly priced) shawls and scarves that would fit well in wardrobe of a female pastor. Professional and feminine.

Additionally, it has articles on health, financial stability and inspirational stories about women in ministry. This particular issue also contains an article about parish issues related to conflict and burnout. Helpful stuff! There’s also an international ministry emphasis and there are a good deal more than just white women present in the pages as well.

For the record, this is not a scholarly publication and it is not striving to be so. While I do wish there were more female theologians (not feminist theologians) writing serious scholarly theological publications, it is still a good thing to see something that, at least at first blush, appears to be a practical publication for women in professional ministry.

Anyhow, at this moment, I recommend it. I have a subscription so I may have more to say about it later.

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