Views–Everybody has them

There’s no need to let the boys have all the fun. Over at Simul Iustus et Peccator, Craig has a post about views on a lot of commonly discussed and debated topics–at least ones that are common to Christians and churchy type people.

apparently, there has been an on going discussion about scripture and the various views Christians have of it and he would like to expand that discussion to include some other areas as well. So, I decided to join in, too.

Denomination–I was raised in the Presbyterian church (PCUSA) by a United Methodist mother and a Baptist (not Southern Baptist) father. In my early twenties, I left the church altogether and that’s a really long story. Started attending church again in my late twenties and visited just about every denomination I’ve ever heard of. Wonderful experience. Ended up becoming Lutheran, which is what I am today, after just falling in love with liturgy, Holy Communion and the Book of Concord. (Yes, I am a geek)

Theology–yes please! Theology of the Cross (suffering), Theology of Liberation (not the same as Liberation Theology), Harmatology, Theology of the Body, Theodicy, Ethics. But I can stick with just tha word Theology, particularly as Augustine defined it: reason or discussion concerning the deity. I have a BIG pet peeve: people who separate pastoral care from theology and put ethics in some other category altogether. I’m also newly curious of Theology of Politics.

Scripture–I believe scripture is indeed the truth. I also believe that all of scripture is not the same type of writing and therefore has different purposes and should be read as such. I also believe that a good deal of scripture looses its full meaning and purpose when it is excised from its time and place of origin. More than anything else, though, I believe scripture is to be read, studied, lived and loved.

Eschatology–Amillennialist. sorry camping.

Soteriology–Oh there is such a smorgasborg to choose from! Probably the term Christus Victor would describe the view I find most compelling. However, I also think the work of God in Jesus Christ is so huge and our human minds so feeble in comparison to the Almighty. It is difficult, therefore, to choose just one atonement theory.

Views on war–While I am quite sympathetic to the pacifist position and might someday be persuaded to join their side, I consider myself to be firmly in the Just War camp.

So, I’d like to hear what anyone else thinks about any of this. I welcome and look forward to comments

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