Some Thoughts on Doubt

Lutheran Campus Ministry

Some thoughts on doubt from the Cafe article 10 Ways to Doubt Faithfully:

1. RELAX. Even when you don’t believe in God, God believes in you. This isn’t just my wishful thinking: this is what happens in Scripture to faithful doubters. Sarah laughed at the absurdity of God promising to give her a son, and Isaac was born. After the crucifixion, Jesus appeared to show his hands and side to a doubtful Thomas. Paul doubted Christianity so much that he worked to stamp it out; God called him to build the church. Doubt doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you. It could, however, mean that God is calling you.

2. ASK THE QUESTIONS. What’s bothering you? Say it out loud. Jesus says in John’s gospel, “The truth will make you free.” The doubts that tear us apart are often the ones we carry alone for fear of judgment. Speaking…

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