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Blue Ridge Parkway

About this place: Shepherdess Writes is a blog containing sermons, essays, theological reflection and lots of other interesting stuff. Please feel free to look around and check things out. If you have something to say, please feel welcome to share it in a respectful manner.

About me: I serve as a pastor of a small Lutheran parish in the mountains of western North Carolina and as a campus ministry pastor at Western Carolina University. I love my job–really–and am very happy to be living in the most beautiful place on earth.

If you wish to contact me, you may do so at theshepherdess@frontier.com

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. North Carolina sounds fantastic (I’ve never been) but which areas are you comparing it to?
    I’ve been to 29 countries, my favourite so far?
    Portugal, simply awesome.

    • Thanks for coming by Stephen!
      Well, I’ve not traveled ALL over the world, but I’ve been a few places. I think virtually every place has its own beauty, but to me there is nothing more beautiful than the mountains of North Carolina. For me, it is beautiful in the way that only home can be. 🙂

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