In The Boat

Pentecost 10A     1 Kings 19:9-18  Matthew 14:22-23 Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like everyone is working against you and everything is going wrong? You pour the cereal for breakfast and the milk is out of date. The shopping cart at the grocery store has some wheels going…

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image by Jason Alexander 2016 copyright protected

Do Not Be Overcome By Fear

Pentecost 25C  Luke 21:5-19 Whenever a big event nationally or locally occurs during the week, it often makes me rethink whatever I have written for my sermon. This has been one of those kinds of weeks. Fires in the forest, apocalyptic amounts of smoke that turn the sunset orange and the moon red, and you…

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Today, I made history. Kinda by accident. Funny thing about making history: it never happens when you’re in your best dress. I guess it does for some people. The big people making big history every day. They know it’s coming. The rest of us don’t really. History sneaks up on you and there you are…

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