Who is to blame?

Who is to blame? That is one of those universal questions. We tend to believe that if we figure out who to blame for a problem or mistake that will make things better. Who is to blame for how my life, our lives, the world, and fill in the blank are not as the should…

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image by Jason Alexander 2016 copyright protected

Do Not Be Overcome By Fear

Pentecost 25C  Luke 21:5-19 Whenever a big event nationally or locally occurs during the week, it often makes me rethink whatever I have written for my sermon. This has been one of those kinds of weeks. Fires in the forest, apocalyptic amounts of smoke that turn the sunset orange and the moon red, and you…

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Step Through the Gate

Luke 16:19-31    Pentecost 19C Every day, one man eats a great feast, another man suffers in hunger. Day after day, one man walks in luxury and great wealth eating, not just what he wants, but sumptuous feasts. One man lies at the gate covered in sores that are tended and cared for by no…

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Consuming Fire

This upcoming week I get to do something that I’ve been invited to do several times over the past few years. I get to be a guest speaker for a class at WCU called Women and Religion. I have been invited to speak this year, and previous years, for obvious reasons and I get to…

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Keep the Faith

Pentecost 13C      Hebrews 11:29-12:2   Luke 12:49-56 Each week I have the great joy of declaring the Gospel of the Lord. The Holy Gospel According to whichever of the four, the reading is done, then This is the Gospel of the Lord, and we all say Thanks Be to God. It is a…

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