Rules:  Based on Gibbs Rules from NCIS but slightly different

Rule #1 You are not God

Rule #2 Rule #1 is a good thing, even if it doesn’t seem so

Rule #3 Double check everything

Rule #4 Always be ready to apologize if you’ve made a mistake, but do not grovel. Focus on improvement not remorse because ‘metanoia’ is turning around, not wallowing around

Rule #5 Mouth closed and ears open goes a long, long way

Rule #6 Wait five minutes before calling someone in panic or anger

Rule #7 Do not take anything for granted

Rule#8 Move slowly and deliberately and if you make a mistake, people will think it was meant to be that way

Rule #9 Always carry a knife

Rule #10 When in doubt, refer to Rule #1

Rule #11 The slow blade penetrates the shield

Rule #12 Confidential means confidential. Period

Rule #13 Do not promise something unless you are certain you can keep the promise

Rule #14 It is better to seek forgiveness than ask for permission

Rule #15 Always work as a team

Rule #16 The validity of your argument does not rest solely upon the number of those agreeing with you

Rule #17 Never think you know all the rules

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