Changes Changes Changes!

copywright rosemary e peek 2010


Up till now, this blog has consisted almost solely of my weekly sermons and theological essays from seminary. Though I am about a year behind in the sermons–last one I was able to get up was from last year–I’ll continue to try to get those done. It is possible that they may be migrated to another area of the blog at some point. However, my intentions for this blog have expanded and, while the vision is as yet fully formed, it will certainly include writings other than just these two categories.

Recently, I set up a Ning community for women in professional ministry called The Shepherdess Network. Sadly, that lasted about three weeks. Due to Ning’s decision to begin charging for its service, the site was closed. Though disappointing, this did make me realize that I really enjoyed the idea of and potential for writing about things other than sermons alone. Additionally, it also showed me that while I am happy to be part of a community of women in professional ministry and support other women in such positions, my interests go beyond this, too–as, of course, to the interest of nearly all women and men in professional ministry–and I would prefer to expand my focus in that area as well.

So, here we are. And here we go.

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