I Love My Job

I love my job. It’s not perfect and there are certainly things I’d like to change about it. But I love it.

I get paid to read the bible. How amazing is that? During my internship year I remember realizing this and sending a classmate an email saying: did you realize we get paid to READ? we get paid to read the BIBLE?

It is my job to talk to people about Jesus. It is my job to listen to people talk about their lives and help them to see the places where God is present. It is my job to go to the places of pain and loss and emptiness with people and help them see where God is already present there. It is my job to help others recognize their sins, their need for forgiveness from God, and my own need for the same things. I didn’t say it was an easy job, just that I love it.

I get to hear the confession and words of repentance of the people of God and declare to them that, by Christ’s authority, they have been forgiven of all their sins.

I get to recite the story of the salvation of the people of God over and over and over again. I remember the first time I assisted with giving out the wine for communion, well before going to seminary, and thinking to myself: if I could do this for the rest of my life, I would never grow tired of it. I could do this forever.

In a few hours, once again, I get the privilege of standing before the people of God and talking about Jesus. I get to stand behind the altar and recite, once again, salvation history and those priceless words: in the night in which he was betrayed. And I get to give the Body of Christ to all who come to the altar.

Body of Christ, given for you.

I could do this forever.

4 thoughts on “I Love My Job

  1. Beautifully said Pastor. This is powerful storytelling about the life of a parish pastor. Would it be ok if your seminary took this blog post and posted the link on our facebook page? Can we use it in recruiting as well?

  2. Well put, dear friend, well put. I’m glad you let Andrew post this so that I could see it on FB and read it. I forget to read people’s blogs…

    I’ve only been working for a week and I agree. Isn’t it amazing what we get to do?

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